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Well, I did promise only technology and development related posts on my blog but due to some recent ‘events’ I could not hold back in responding to a blog post which was well kind of controversial. A friend once said what happens on Facebook stays on Facebook, yet to the contrary a comment of mine flaunted around and used as a basis of an ‘energizing’ post. It would have been better if the original comment used and not the post on Facebook. Well never mind.

“Dafuq”. The term is kind of K00l (with a K and 0′s) and usually used in a social context with no inherent disrespect or offense. On social media this is common and not the “IN thing used by kids”. I guess lack of research -context guides people to quickly develop stereotype.

Onwards to the educational institutes the ones in UK especially. All educational institutes are of prime importance and well should not be looked down upon in terms of rankings and/or their status. To get a context of what I am on about do visit: http://rimshashah.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/lets-not-title-this-one.html. The lady here mentions that a student scoring A B B should not opt for these universities (low ranked ones), the particular university in question are The University of Hertfordshire. Well the readers should also know I am in no way associated with the University nor am I a graduate/staff. So a person scoring really good grades should opt for the ‘Best Universities’ with the best rankings. Well okay, now let’s look at what the lady in question does for a living, at the end of the post we get:


Rimsha Ali Shah

Certified EducationUK Counselor

Certified EducationUK Counselor, blimey that’s something. Well point being if a student does get an A B B grade he shouldn’t find the need to go to a ‘Counselor’ simply because he should have enough brains to go online and just register to UCAS or apply to the universities direct unless they are too lazy to do so. If he cant do that I suggest the low grade Universities anyway. I do not deny the fact that people do need guidance at some point but 500$ for filling forms – shoot me. The fact is most of the people who do opt for these ‘Counselors’ are actually the ones the C C D grades or maybe even worse. Being not a brilliant student myself I can adamantly say, I took on this task without any help and simply a Google search sufficed.

Now let’s look at the University Ranking system. This process in my humble view is flawed by default and should not be a basis on making any decision what so ever. A university which has lower ranking usually has departments which do great, but in the wider scheme of things they get shadowed. In an analogy it’s something like this, consider a very small restaurant with a really big fancy five star one. The small restaurant serves really good food however can’t really get up to the five star rating because wait you need, 100 items in your menu, you need a large room, a good certified degree holder chef, amazing drink menu and what not. On the other hand this very big fancy restaurant serves crap food, well ‘crap’ is a bit of an overstatement. I would say just okay food, but has all the other jazz so it qualifies as a ‘five star’ restaurant. From a users perspective who is new in town won’t ever go to the small one because it doesn’t have the required ‘stars’. Same goes for these prestigious ‘high ranked’ universities. Most of these rankings are based on faculty, infrastructure, research in/out and a few other variables. So if you hire the best, educate the already educated ‘brilliant’ students who already have the drive to do things themselves I fail to understand what exactly does the university do apart from ‘badging’ their name to the students research.

Grades are not the only factor which a student has to keep in mind whilst choosing a university which our dear fellow in the blog completely fails to understand yet claims, ‘THIS IS MY FIELD’ which sounded like ‘THIS IS SPARTA’. So I did pay a sum of 500$ to a consultant, but did it occur that a TOP university demands a TOP Fee?. Whilst my A B B do get me into Harvard, University of Manchester **Insert amazing University names here**, they charge me 20000 GBP for the year. However University of hertfordshire or the likes charge me 10000 GBP for the year. Second there comes accommodation. Accommodation in and around the TOP universities might be expensive however it might be completely opposite for others. As far as scholarship goes, most universities in the UK offer them midterm or after they have seen your performance. If the blogger claims they could get them a full scholarship directly, hey ‘counsel’ me too or I will send you a number of clients your way.

‘Education is not a business its a basic need’, in Utopia yes. Wake up, It is a business and a damn good one. Basic education might be a ‘Basic’ need but Higher education is a business. If it weren’t a business our blogger would be out a job pretty soon. Harvard, MIT, IVY league nonsensical bull crap don’t need counselors because they are already full and up to the neck with students, the last thing they need is counselors to help them get students in. ‘I don’t understand why youth today is not bothered about their goals/what they want to do in their life’ well it’s because ‘I will do it for you’ organizations have popped up, why do it yourself when I have people to do it for me? ‘Money cant buy everything?’ pffftt yes it can just throw in $500. ‘Paisa phenk tamasha dekh’.

On a more ‘Lighter note’, I do agree there are fraudulent counselors on the rise and that needs to be curbed and well there is a need for ‘certified’ ones and well they are the ‘CHOSEN’ ones and should be consulted. However I do stress that students should get some brains and not rely entirely on these counselors and rather see what their pockets allow and which university should they join. Miss Rimsha I do know this is your field however I would not claim to be an expert on it the reason being Information is global these days, It wouldn’t take people long to climb that ladder to know what’s  going on or how to do it. The question is will they have what it takes to wake up or continue being lazy?. let’s hope they don’t or God knows what might happen. Miss Rimsha- No pun-offence intended, simply a case of ‘Josh-e-Khitabat’ ;).


S-Tufail aka Garage Developer.

Latest Development – Android – RaspberryPI

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The DIY Surveillance System Using a Webcam – Part 3

•December 5, 2009 • 7 Comments

Im going to assume you have read the Part-1 and Part-2 of this post. Part-1 provides the hardware and Part-2 with the software for streaming and controlling the camera. This part will focus on the php file which is generated by the PHP webpage and its usage by the microcontroller to move or pan the camera. Lets get started.

Firstly we need a host program to read the data generated by the PHP and poll our “request” folder created in part-2 for updated data. Then we need to transmit this information serially to the microcontroller which pans based on that information. Im using C# to create this host program so here it goes. Start Visual Studio create a windows application. Throw in a button, a combo box and timer control. The stop button would stop the timer which will be initiated by the combo box changed event.

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The DIY Surveillance System Using a Webcam – Part 2

•December 5, 2009 • 2 Comments

If you are reading this without reading the part 1 of this post I suggest you give that a read before starting with this since its gives the basic hardware needed to get everything going. However if your requirements are a simple streaming server with a client read on.

There are two modules within this post aswell I wont bother splitting them up into two rather just go on describing them in one. The first one is the streaming server with a client which serves the need for our surveillance. The second part includes the PHP webpage which includes the streaming client followed by code to generate a request file telling the motor which direction to rotate in.

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The DIY Surveillance System Using a Webcam – Part 1

•December 5, 2009 • 22 Comments

Part-1:  Hardware

The Story: Its been a while since my last post due to some work projects which have been occupying a lot of time and effort. However I still managed to find time for a hobby project, a DIY surveillance system using a webcam so I thought I’d go and share it with the rest. It’s not really a hobby project the real motivation behind the project are some of the cleaners which mess up some of the wirings of some work related project I am involved in. So you’d leave everything okay and when you come back in the morning something would either be unplugged or just not working. I’d  to spend a lot of time probing on the scope of what’s wrong and most important where! with so many wires it’s a pain.  So I decided to go ahead with building a surveillance system for myself using a webcam and some other hardware which I will mention in a while (I don’t want to go in detail of why not buy one off the shelf so don’t ask). The project however did help me learn about some valuable electronics concepts and it wasn’t all for fun. Anyway without further delay id just get on with it.

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JavaScript – CSS debugging using FireBug

•February 7, 2009 • 1 Comment

Often while working with JavaScript people place alerts (in a debugging context) throughout the code to check whether what they’re doing is correct or not. I find that pretty annoying and while I continued doing it (placing alerts) I came across Firebug introduced to be by my friend Sergey Arakelov (www.arakelov.com). Firebug is open source multi-purpose debugger and was initially intended for Firefox as a plug-in, now it supports IE and Safari as well. Continue reading ‘JavaScript – CSS debugging using FireBug’

SAJAX-Passing Arguments to PHP – Javascript and MySQL Database

•January 11, 2009 • 13 Comments


In the last post I presented an overview of the SAJAX library. Today I will talk about argument passing to and from the SAJAX function and the respective JavaScript function.  Then I shall make a sample HTML form and pass the values to the PHP function for addition into a MySQL database. If you are new to SAJAX and don’t know what I’m talking about I suggest you view my earlier post which can be found at: http://garagedeveloper.wordpress.com/2009/01/09/using-ajax-with-php/

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